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B & C 39 License #952120

Based in San Diego, A2M Contractors is fully licensed and insured in both general contracting and roofing. So, whether you're looking to repair a leaky roof, renovate an outdated bathroom or kitchen, or undertake a complete remodel of your home, A2M Contractors is here to simplify your home building project, provide expert guidance in building and renovation, and finish the job with a polished, professional touch.

Experienced & Reliable Roofing Services in San Diego

We’re fully licensed and insured in roofing company. We specialize in asphalt shingle, Built-up-Roof (torch down), composite shingle, clay tile, lightweight concrete, or regular concrete tile roofing for your home.

We specialize in a variety of areas including claims, real estate transactions, replacement, repair, maintenance, roof certifications and more.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority!

We’ll get the job done for you ensuring your satisfaction and to provide maximum value, material and service.

Our contractors have years of experience, and we know exactly what it takes to complete every job to a customer's expectations and satisfaction – clear communication. With every estimate we provide and each project we undertake, our contractors always do their best to stay in constant communication with the client to ensure we have a thorough understanding of what you want to be done and how you want the job completed.

The future of our business depends on delivering high-quality work to our customers' expectations at a reasonable price. So, our customer's satisfaction means as much to us as it does to you, and that's why we always aim to be on time, ready to work, and able to communicate.

100% Free Estimates

After reviewing your roofing needs, we will provide a free estimate on what it will take to get your roof back to its leak free self!

Roofing, and Solar Services in San Diego

  • Concrete Roofing Tiles

    Asphalt Composition

    Lightweight Roofing Tile

    New Roof Installation

    Residential Re-Roofing

    Roof Inspection

    Home Additions

    Spanish Clay Tiles

    Flat Roofs

    Slate Tiles


Skylight Installation

New Solar Systems

Solar Attic Fans


It may begin as minor, but can escalate into a much more than appears as damage leaves your roof vulnerable to weather, exposure, and other factors. You may face problems such as:

Unsightly cosmetic damage to your roof

Torn, lifted, or missing shingles

Water leaks that are damaging the interior of your home

Weather or aged damage roofing material

Structural damage to the framework caused by water leaks

Mold, mildew, and rot settling into roofing materials, worsening damage and posing health risks for inhalation and exposure

High-Quality Contracting at a Competitive Price

At A2M Contractors, we strive every day to meet or exceed our clients' expectations. We combine clear and easy communication with efficiency and competitive pricing to deliver quality work no matter how large or small the job might be.

Your home reflects who you are and it's where you want to feel most at ease. So, why let a leaky roof, retro bathroom, or outdated kitchen keep you from feeling truly at home in your own house when you could let the professionals handle it? If your home needs a major or minor overhaul, we welcome you to contact A2M Contractors in San Diego to find out how we can help you turn your house into the home of your dreams.


Stacking roofing materials

a2m contractors stacking roofing materials

Completed roof project

a2mcontractors completed roof project

Roofer Working

a2mcontractors workers removing shingle roof

Completed roof project

a2m contractors finished roofing project

Sealing clay roof tiles

a2m contractors sealing clay roof tiles

Plywood Sheathing

a2m contractors installing plywood sheathing

Removing Damage Roof

a2m contractors removing damaged roof

Roof inspection

a2m contractors roof inspection

Rolls of roofing paper

a2m contractors stack rolls of roofing paper

Roofing material

a2m contractors clearing roofing material

Installing plywood sheathing

a2mcontractors applying plywood sheathing

Tiles getting ready to be set

a2m contractors getting ready to set clay tiles

Prep work for clay tile roof

a2m contractors prep work for clay tile roof

Securing clay tiles

a2m contractors securing clay tiles

solar panels on clay tile roof

a2m contractors solar panels on clay tile roof

Roof aerial view

a2m contractors ADU roof project aerial view

Solar Panels on shingle roof

a2m contractors solar panels on shingle roof

New Shingle and Skylights

a2m contractors new aerial view ADU’s shingle roof with skylights

View from the roof

a2m contractors view of clay tile roof

Laying down underlayment

a2m contractors laying down underlayment and shingles

setting the skylights

a2m contractors setting the skylights
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