General Contractor & Licensed Roofer

B & C 39 License #952120

Bathroom Remodel, Coronado 92118 

beautiful custom designed bathroom

a2mContractors beautiful-custom-designed-bathroom.JPG
a2mContractors beautiful-custom-designed-shower-showing-tile%20,glass-doors-and-tub.JPG

bathroom vanity with marble counter


vanity, custom framed mirror and vinyl window


Frameless Bypass Tub Door in the new-bathroom


painting the ceiling in the new bathroom

protecting the tiled walls getting ready for paint
professional painter at a2mContractors
painting the ceiling of the new bathroom

walk-in shower, window, marble tile walls and shower bench

43_41_walk-in shower near completion
walk-in shower finshed, window walls and shower bench
new bathroom with walk-in shower

custom designed walk-in shower

custom designed tile ready for grout
new bathroom walk-in shower basin
walk-in shower finshed walls with custom bench

installing Glass Stone Mosaic Tile and mirror prep


electric cutouts, copper plumbing & marble panel wall

applying thinset on the bathroom wall.JPG
getting ready to grout marle tile wall

professional tile setter working on the marble tile wall

applying thinset on the bathroom wall.JPG
professional tile setter at work

new bathroom tile work in progress


grouting tile wall in new bathroom

mosaic tile wall above the bathroom tub
getting ready to grout the bathroom tiled walls
grouted bathroom marble tiles walls

grouting tile wall in new bathroom

marble tile and mosaic wall
professional tile worker grouting marble tile
grouting tile wall in new bathroom

grouted wall showing cut outs for electrical

grout work in the shower
marble tile showing plastic spacing wedges
shower wall showing recessed bathroom shelves

backer board used as a moisture barrier

bathroom remodel A2M Contractors leveling the shower shelf
DensShield backer board used as a moisture barrier in the shower
shower wall title showing electrical outlet cutout

bathroom remodel progress


professional drywall worker

professional drywall worker
securing drywall to the studs walls in a bathroom remodel

drywall stacked ready to install

drywall stacked ready to install
plaster board cut for bathroom romdel
exposed studs prepped for drywall installation

exposed wall showing copper plumbing

a2mContractors cuts out the old water and sewer pipes on a bathroom remodel
exposed wall showing copper plumbing in a bathroom remodel

framing in the walk in shower

05_a2mContractors carpentry work for for a walk in shower
a2mContractors carpentry work for for a walk in shower, now ready for hot mob

applying hot mop to walk in shower

hot mopping around the shower bench
prepping for hot mopped shower pan
multi-layer protection using hot tar shower pan


a2mContractors exposing the plumbing lines on a bathroom remodel
a2mContractors removes the old bathroom wall showing the studs, water pipes and electrical
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