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Explore our meticulously crafted bathroom remodel showcasing an arrangement of long, tannish-brown horizontal tiles on the walls. The distinctive floor patterns, strategically incorporated in both the bathroom and the expansive walk-in shower, exemplify precision in construction and design. This remodel not only delivers aesthetic appeal but also reflects a commitment to quality craftsmanship and functionality.

Bathroom remodel with a walk-in shower and beautiful tile floor
Walk-in shower with beautiful, long, horizontal tiling


Bathroom remodel showing the inside shower floor and the outside bathroom floor
Shower wall and floorr tiles of a walk in shower

These photos showcases a meticulously executed shower, featuring precisely tooled grout seamlessly integrated into newly installed long horizontal shower tiles. On the back wall, attention is drawn to a recently installed vinyl bathroom window, alongside a thoughtfully designed shower niche that skillfully incorporates the tile design. Also viewed is a close-up of the artistic tile design in the remodeled shower.

Meticulously-tooled grout on new long horizontal shower tiles.
Uniquely designed shower niche capturing tile design.
Detailed view of artistic tile design in the remodeled bathroom

These are photos of a professional tile worker has applied the grout between long horizontal title pieces using the tile sponge he removes the excess grout.  

Professional tile worker applying grout between long horizontal tiles.
Precision grout application by a skilled tile artisan.
1e_expert removal-excess-grout-tile-sponge


Close-up of precise grout work on horizontal tile pieces.
Detail of tile sponge removing excess grout with precision.

A professional tile installer has affixed Hydro-Blok backer board to the shower, providing essential support as structural sheeting for the shower system. Additionally, it establishes a secure bonding surface for tiles, thin-set mortar, and a waterproofing membrane.

Hydro-Blok backer board providing structural support to the shower system.
professional tile installer has built a shower niche into the wall.  around the opening you can see Hydro blok wallboard has been secured to the frame.

The remodeled bathroom wall displaying the hot and cold shutoff valves for the vanity sink area. The initial stages of plumbing waste line installation are underway, with the construction of a new custom vanity tailored to the customer's specifications.

Remodeled bathroom wall with hot and cold shutoff valves.
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