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we are constructing a detached ADU with separate living space located on the same property as the main house. It serves as a secondary dwelling unit and offers privacy and independence. designed to have its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living area.

detached adu
3 bedroom, 2 baths and kitichen
1200 square foot

We've installed a K-frame Knotty Wood Double Barn Door designed to evoke the rustic charm of a countryside farmhouse. Additionally, a ceiling fan with 5 blades with a vintage cage light, matching the rustic aesthetic.

Ceiling Fan with Vintage Cage Light
Rustic Farmhouse Barn Door
Pergo wood grain floor new bedroom

A newly finished bathroom with a custom-built kitchen cabinet featuring a bronze accent tone. The faucet, metal frame on the elongated light, and the mirror also showcase bronze accents. The shower is adorned with a bronze perimeter frame and long bronze handles. In the background, there are long horizontal marble-grayish blend of tiles, while the floor boasts a light wood-grained finish.

Masterpiece of Bathroom Design with Bronze Highlights

The entrance of this brand-new Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) reveals the results of exterior walls and roofing tiles that have been recently given a fresh coat of paint. 

ADU new Front Door Entrance

This ADU exhibits expert craftsmanship and a completed exterior with a tiled roof and newly painted walls.

Well Crafted ADU Exterior
Tile Roof on newly bult ADU

Beautifully finished kitchen with an inlay design adorning all the cabinet doors and drawers. The countertops are adorned with stunning white marble, which perfectly complements the lustrous bronze finish of the kitchen cabinets.

Beautiful Finished Kitchen
White Marble Countertops
Inlay Design Kitchern Cabinet and Doors

H2 Title

Beautiful White Marble Countertops
Kitchen Elegance showing  beautiful bronze cabinets and white marble countertops
custom-designed storage cabinet

This is a stunning look at the expert craftsmanship and design of a walk-in shower. It features beautiful horizontal marble-textured, glassy walls and an eye-catching bronze frame sliding glass door.  

beautiful designed walk in shower with long horizontal marble texture tile  and sliding glass doors with bronze frame.
Walk in Shower Craftsmanship

This interior entry door leads into the master bedroom of this ADU. The door features a six-panel inlay design. In the distance, you can spot the HVAC system, ensuring comfortable temperatures.

Interior Entry Door to Master Bedroom

Flush Mount 5-blade Rustic Ceiling Fan with a bronze frame that embraces the LED light. It's the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Rustic Ceiling Fan with LED
5-Blade Rustic Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Fan with Bronze Frame

Our skilled carpenter is in the process of assembling custom storage cabinets.

Skilled Carpenter Assembling Custom Storage Cabinets
Carpenter Crafting Tailor-Made Storage Cabinets
Proficient Craftsman Building Custom Storage Units

H2 Title

Custom Storage Cabinet Construction by an Expert Carpenter
Artisanal Cabinet-Making: Crafting Custom Storage Solutions
Precision Carpentry: Custom Storage Cabinets in Progress

 We've installed a frameless clear glass shower doors a bronze shower header that complements the horizontal panel tiles. 

15h_frameless clear-glass-shower-door
15i_bronze shower-header-complementing-tile-design

stucco craftsmen are expertly executing the application of the ultimate color coat onto the intricately textured surface, showcasing their precision and dedication to achieving a superior finish that elevates the project's visual appeal.

Skilled Stucco Artisans at Work
Stucco Workers Applying Final Color Coat
Enhancing Project Aesthetics with Stucco Finish


Stucco Color Coat Over Applied Textured Wall
Precision Stucco Finishing Process

The stucco pros expertly laid down a brown coat layer on the ADU, showing great care for the existing windows and sliding glass doors by taping them off and using a protective barrier.

Stucco Layer Brown Coat ADU
Stucco Application Protective Taping

In this bathroom walk-in shower, the horizontally set shower textured panels harmonize perfectly with the large marble-look wall tiles, mimicking the real thing with stunning detail.  

Bathroom shower textured panels
Large marble-look wall tiles
Realistic marble detailing on the new shower walls

Horizontal paneling in shower
Glass marble-look with custom-designed walk-in shower

Our craftsmanship on display, featuring a wood grain finish of the Pergo floor that displays quality workmanship.

Crafted Pergo Wood Grain Flooring - Expert Carpentry
Craftsmanship Display Pergo Floor Wood Grain Finish
14f_quality workmanship-wood-grain-finish-pergo-floor

Our professional painters have expertly applied a fresh layer of paint to those walls and ceilings, resulting in a textured surface that truly elevates the look and feel of the space. It's a work of art in progress!

Professional wall texturing by skilled painters
fresh layer of brilliant white paint over the textured walls and ceiling

The sheetrock has been expertly installed and finished with a smooth coat of drywall mud. It showcases precise cutouts for electrical outlets, seamlessly integrating recessed lighting and plumbing fixtures into the walls.

Precise Electrical Outlet Cutouts in Sheetrock
Finished Sheetrock with Smooth Drywall Mud Coating
Recessed Lighting Integration in Sheetrock Wall

Our professional tile setter often uses backer board on shower walls to provide a reliable surface for securing tiles. This backer board is typically composed of water-resistant gypsum, fortified with silicone treatment, and reinforced with sturdy fiberglass mats to ensure both durability and resistance to water.

Waterproof Shower Backer Board Installation
Fiberglass Reinforced Backer Board for Showers

The HYDRO-BLOK Wallboard is expertly designed to provide both waterproofing and structural reinforcement to your shower. It effectively covers gaps and screwheads while seamlessly integrating a waterproofing membrane, ensuring strength and durability.

Hydro Blok Wallboard Waterproofing Shower
Waterproofing Membrane Hydro Blok
Shower Wallboard Covers Filling Open Spaces

The mud base concrete shower pan in the process of setting. Additionally, we've applied the mortar shower curb base. These crucial steps lay the foundation for a sturdy and durable shower structure.

Concrete Shower Pan Setting Process Mortar
Shower Curb Base Application
Sturdy and Durable Shower Structure Foundation

The masons have been hard at work, and they've just slapped on a fresh stucco scratch coat layer to the ADU's exterior wall.

ADU Exterior Stucco Scratch Coat
Stucco Finish on ADU Exterior Wall

Plasterers and Stucco Masons are applying a stucco brown coat layer using specialized tools.

Skilled Plasterers at Work on Brown Coat Layer
Stucco Masons Using Specialized Tools


Craftsmen Applying Stucco with Expertise
Specialized Tools for Stucco Brown Coat Layering

The exterior wall of the home addition features a recently applied scratch coat. Additionally, it showcases the new vinyl sliding glass door, which has been protected with visqueen.

Exterior wall home addition scratch coat

The mason expertly applies the brown stucco coat, ensuring a durable and weather-resistant finish for your home addition project.

Professional Mason Applying Brown Stucco Coat - Home Addition Construction
Precise Stucco Application - Protecting and Beautifying the Home
Stucco Finish for Home Addition - Weatherproofing and Aesthetic Appeal

The mason is applying the scratch coat of stucco, which is the first layer that ensures a strong bond for the stucco finish on the home addition. This is a critical step in creating a durable and beautiful exterior.

Residential Home Addition: Mason Applying Stucco Scratch Coat
Stucco Application: Ensuring Strong Bond for Home Addition
Construction Process: Critical Step in Creating Durable Exterior

Hot Mopping is a process used to waterproof shower areas by applying hot asphalt to create a waterproof membrane. It's essential in preventing leaks that can lead to property damage, mold, and mildew growth

Hot Mopping Waterproof Shower Construction
Hot Asphalt Waterproofing for Showers
Shower Leak Prevention with Hot Mopping

The application of fresh drywall mud on the walls, window frames, and doorways has created a smooth and uniform surface, enhancing the room's structural integrity and preparing it for finishing touches.

Interior of Residential Home Addition with Fresh Drywall Mud Application
Home Addition Drywall Mud for Enhanced Durability
Smooth Drywall Mud Application

Checking the shower drain connection at the floor pan ensures a watertight seal, preventing leaks and water damage in your new shower. It's a vital step in the construction process to guarantee a durable and secure installation.

Shower drainpipe inspection at floor pan - Ensuring leak-free installation
Residential Home Addition - Shower Floor Pan Drain Inspection

open wall construction in new residential projects, picture hot and cold copper lines weaving through wood studs. Alongside them, Romex electrical wires and junction boxes are strategically placed between the studs.

Illustration of copper pipes and electrical wires within wall studs

fiberglass insulation between roofing trusses include enhanced thermal efficiency and moisture control, contributing to a more comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environment.

Johns Manville insulation between roofing trusses for superior energy efficiency
Enhance indoor climate control using JM insulation between roofing trusses.
Achieve moisture protection and energy efficiency with JM insulation between roofing trusses

This construction showcases open frame architecture with rolled fiberglass. Notably, hot and cold copper lines are insulated and linked to shut-off valves.

Open frame construction with rolled fiberglass, insulated copper lines, and shut-off valves
copper lines running through open wood stud walls and shut-off valves
fiberglass insulation in the stud walls  along with all the plumbing lines valve fixtures

Our team applies beautiful clay tiles to prepared roofing structures, enhancing durability and adding a touch of elegance to residential projects.

Expertly installed clay tiles enhancing roof durability and elegance
Precise and expert installation of clay tiles on prepared roof
Residential roof adorned with beautiful clay tiles

Titanium® UDL50 is a high-quality air, water, and vapor barrier providing essential protection against moisture and air infiltration, safeguarding the building from potential damage and ensuring a well-insulated and durable roof structure.

water vspor barrier wrapping the new home addition
protective moisture barrier and insulation on the exterior walls of the home addition

A maze of PVC pipes runs through the open stud walls and ceilings, creating a complex but organized plumbing system that serves the various areas of the building with water supply and drainage. 

organized pvc plumbing lines running through opme walls
complex plumbing vent lines in open walls
9f_efficient drainage-pipes

The roof truss contains a network of electrical wires, fixtures and pipes, facilitating essential utilities and connections throughout the building.

electrical pipe and wire network through roof truss
open roof truss showig. netowrk of wire connections
intregrated wiring through the open roof truss

Electrician is skillfully running Romex wire through the studs of an open wall. The electrician's expert hands carefully guide the wires, ensuring they are placed securely within the wall's structure. 

professional electrician pulling romex wiring
professional electrician pulling romex wiring through open wall studs
electrician running romex wire

Electrician’s  process in routing romex wires

electrian drill through wood stud
eleectricsl work connections
group of romex wires routed in open wall and ceiling

Electrician followed plans in connecting all the essential components for a well-functioning electrical system. here the intricate wiring work as they focused on the AC outlets, switches, and recessed lighting. 

connecting electrical romex
romex wires rounted through open wall studs
canned lighting fasted to the roof trusses
electrical connections running through the roof trusses
electrical pathway through the roof trusses

Tar paper serves as a waterproof shield, while wire mesh reinforces stucco or plaster finishes, enhancing their strength and crack resistance.

waterproof tar paper with wire mesh wraping exterior walls of home addition
waterproof tar paper with wire mesh wraping exterior walls
 wraping exterior walls with waterproof tar paper with wire mesh

New PlyGem vinyl Simonton Windows & Doors

New PlyGem vinyl Simonton Windows & Doors
Simonton Windows & Doors
Simonton sliding vinyl windows

Rough Construction with Common Wood Framing of the Interior Walls for Dividing the Rooms

Rough Construction with Common Wood Framing
 Interior Walls for Dividing the Rooms
PlyGem vinyl Simonton Window installed in rough framed openning

Simonton Windows & Doors ENERGY STAR glass designed to reduce environmental impact by decreasing heating and cooling costs and delivering optimal energy performance.

quality PlyGem window
quality PlyGem sliding window
quality PlyGem bathroom window

From the street, the home addition in rough carpentry mode presents a promising sight. The wooden framework, including Osb sheathing, takes shape, showcasing the structural strength and future insulation of the building.

5za_exterior sheathing
5zb_street view-adu-exterior-sheathing

Attaching Osb sheathing to the exterior wall of the home addition providing structural strength, insulation, and a uniform surface for exterior finishes.

5w_building adu-exterior-walls
5x_sheathing exterior-walls
5z_exterior wall-sheathing

carpenter working in post and beam construction utilizes vertical posts and horizontal beams to create a sturdy framework. They carefully select, cut, and join these elements.

5k_carpender working-on-facia
5j_carpender working-on-facia
5l_carpender working-on-facia

wooden studs and beams coming together to form the framework of walls, floors, and ceilings.

5b_stud framing-inside-adu
5c_framing adu-inside-walls-ceiling
5b_stud framing-inside-adu


5ga_stud framing-inside-adu
5gb_rough carpentry-work-adu


5e_rough framing-inside-walls
5f_adu inside-carpentry-work

carpenters work on the framing structure, constructing a solid framework using wooden beams, studs, and joists. They ensure precision, levelness, and integration in building a sturdy and reliable home.

5h_carpenter working-inside-adu
5i_carpender building-inside-adu
5j_carpender working-on-facia

Roof trusses support distributing the weight of the entire roof. they bring strength to the roof structure.

inside the ceiling showing the roof joists
close up inside the ceiling showing the roof joists
inside the adu new roof structure

Roof trusses delivered to the construction site, serving as the essential framework that supports and provides strength to the roof in residential construction.

roof structure delivered for the adu
overiew of the ADU beginnings
new roof trusses for the ADU

The concrete foundation for an ADU is a vital component that providing a solid base, stability, and structural integrity. It evenly distributes the weight of the building and protects against moisture, ensuring longevity and support for the entire structure.

removing the form of the concrete foundation of the ADU
concrete foundation pad for the ADU
foundation for the ADU

backhoe work removing soil, creating space for the foundation walls to be constructed. the foundation walls set the stage for the building's stability and strength.

backhole digging foundation for the ADU
excavation work for the ADU

Groundwork site preparation consist of clearing, grading, and drainage. setting the stage for a stable foundation. This groundwork establishes, ensuring long-term stability and durability.

setting up the adu foundation
dettached adu setting up the ground pad
detacherd adu framing work. for the foundation

Compacting the foundation's ground pad developing a stable and solid base. By compressing the soil using specialized equipment, air pockets are eliminated, enhancing the load-bearing capacity. This process reduces the risk of settling or shifting, ensuring a strong and durable foundation for the entire structure.

compaction the foundation for the new ADU
ground foundation for the new ADU

Earth excavation work removing soil and other materials from the ground to prepare a construction site. here space is made for the foundation. the work provide site stability, and sets the stage for a successful construction project.

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