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B & C 39 License #952120

concrete foundation and porch

newly poured concrete patio
concrete foundation of a new home addition

newly poured concrete work

newly poured concrete porch
concrete foundation of a new home addition

filling the foundation and screeding the concrete

filling the concrete foundation
screeding the concrete foundation
screeding the home addition conrete foundation

Gravel pump and pouring conrete

concrete pouring to the trailer gravel pump
gravel hydraulic trailer pump
pouring concrete in the foundattion walls

work on the forms for the foundation

forms setting for the foundation

footings, stem walls & forms

tying in the stem wall for the home additiion
forms for the home addition foundation
tying in the stem wall for the home additiion

working to make a pier to support building loads

concrete cutout for a peir to support building loads

process for putting in a concrete pier

6d_concrete section-removed
6e_drilling concrete
6e_concrete work-

removing the old walls

home addition work
removing the old wall for rhe home addition
removing the debri for home addition

working on the foundation walls

5d_workers removing-foundation-dirt-for-home-addition
5e_foundation wall-work-for-home-addition
5f_setting up-foundation-for-home-addition

Measuring the layout for the addition

measuring the foundation for home addition
laying out the property lines for home addition
foundation layout home remodel

inside the old ceiling and walls

3c_Inside old-walls-ceiling.JPG
3d_Inside ceiling-joists.JPG
3e_old drywall-removed.JPG

laying out the foundation

3a_compacting ground-pad.JPG
3b_home addition-ground-pad.JPG

backhoe work for digging the ground pad

excavating the layout for the home addition
digging the foundation for the home addition
backhooe digging the foundation for the home addition

ground layout work

backhooe work for the foundation for the home addition
layout work for home addition foundation and ground pad

panoramic view of work areas

home additioon panoramic view

insulation removal from ceiling  joist

drywall is removed from walls and ceiling
worker removing insulation from the ceiling joist
ceiling drywall removed

getting rid of the old and bring in the new materials

prep for the home addition
lumber for the home addition

old wall, floor & ceiling removed

inside the old walls
demoltion of the inside walls

starting the DEMOLITION work

home addition getting ready for demolition
 demolition begginings
old walls removed for the home addition
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