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The yard view of this second-story ADU home edition features new white vinyl windows with wood framing that accentuates their presence. The roof is composed of light gray roofing shingles, and the entrance to the front door shows that the stairs are under construction.

Yard view of second-story ADU home edition with new white vinyl windows and accentuated wood framing.
Light gray roofing shingles composing a cohesive backdrop for the home edition.

Picture a well-designed, modern kitchen with white cabinets and sleek appliances. Various light shades dominate, creating a neat and sophisticated atmosphere. High-end home appliances adorn the space, complemented by a beautiful dark marble countertop enhancing the overall interior design. The white cabinets harmonize with light-colored walls, and the kitchen seamlessly flows with wood flooring. An air conditioner on one wall ensures a comfortable environment, while a window provides a view of the outside, adding a touch of nature to the indoor space.

Well-designed modern kitchen with white cabinets and sleek appliances.
Beautiful dark marble countertop elevating the kitchen interior design.

This bathroom is elegantly designed, with the dominant color being grey, offering a modern and sleek appearance. A prominent feature is a glass shower, adding a touch of sophistication. The vanity, with a white marble countertop, indicates meticulous attention to detail in the room's interior design. A window with a white frame enhances the room's brightness, allowing natural light to filter in. The wide-frame wood grain mirror features show a beautiful contrast with the colors in the room.

Beautifully designed vanity with white marble countertop in the 2nd Story ADU's bathroom.
Elegantly designed bathroom with glass shower adding a touch of sophistication.

The bedrooms showcase wood laminate flooring stretching across the open space. Both rooms feature a four-bladed propeller fan for maintaining a comfortable temperature. In one room, an air conditioner is installed on one wall, ensuring a consistently comfortable environment. The new vinyl windows bring in an array of light, showcasing the beauty of the outdoor environment.

Bedrooms with wood laminate flooring stretching across the open space.
Comfortable temperature maintained by four-bladed propeller fan.

The multi-story ADU's kitchen is undergoing a transformation with the installation of cutting-edge energy-efficient appliances.

Kitchen Transformation Multi-story ADU Cutting-Edge Energy-Efficient Appliances Installation

The second-story ADU bathroom showcases a custom-made vanity with a marble sink, brass fixtures, and a distinctive jade finish. The space is complemented by a walk-in shower with large tiles and a low-profile American Standard H2Optimum White Elongated Standard Height 2-piece WaterSense Toilet.

custom made vanity marble sink brass fixtures jade finish walk in shower large tiles H2Optimum toilet

James Hardie Primed HZ10 Fiber Cement Lap Siding is made to withstand high temperatures, humidity, moisture, sun, hail, tropical storms and hurricane winds. Board is pre-primed using a primer with a yellow hue allowing for maximum paint adhesion.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding exteriror to 2nd story ADU

Creating custom base, wall, and ceiling-height kitchen cabinets, firmly affixed to the kitchen walls for a sturdy installation.

A2M Contractors finished carpentry custom cabinetry
Custom Base Wall, Ceiling-Height Kitchen Cabinets
High-quality custom kitchen cabinets by A2M Contractors

project involving a pristine white horizontal tile shower, and there's a shower shelf insert, all prepped and ready for the grouting process. 

Shower shelf insert grouting preparation
Residential bathroom tile installation project

Our expert tile setter is adding the final touches to the walk-in shower. They've employed elongated horizontal tiles, and the unique hexagon-shaped mosaic tiles are quite eye-catching in the design. A splendid combination for a stylish shower!

Professional tile setter finishing walk-in shower
Stylish and modern shower tile combination

The process involves leveling the floor tiles using adjustment shims, ensuring the floor is perfectly leveled

Leveling  Bathroom Floor Tiles with Adjustment Shims

This floor is a testament to quality workmanship, with meticulous attention to detail. The brown and golden accents not only add a touch of warmth but also highlight the structural integrity of the space. 

10a_%20pergo flooring-with-golden-undertones

Hot mopping the shower pan with heated tar and roofing felt creates a strong waterproof layer beneath the tiles, preventing leaks and damage. Hot mops excel in both insulation and humidity control, offering lasting protection.

Hot Mopped Shower Pan Waterproofing
Hot Mop Waterproofing Materials


Second Story ADU Interior - Fresh Sheetrock Installation
Ceiling Sheetrock - Work in Progress
Interior Renovation - No Drywall Compound Applied

Johns Manville Fiberglass Batts and Roll Insulation have been expertly installed between the ceiling joists and exterior open wall framing, delivering effective thermal and acoustical control for both vertical and horizontal applications.

Fiberglass Insulation Between Ceiling Joists and Exterior Wall Framing
Johns Manville Insulation - Superior Thermal Control
Acoustic Insulation in Vertical and Horizontal Applications


Premium Fiberglass Insulation for Ceilings and Exterior Walls
Fiberglass Insulation Between Ceiling Joists and Exterior Wall Framing
Fiberglass Insulation Between Ceiling Joists

Various Simonton Vinyl Windows incorporate energy-efficient framing and glass, ensuring long-term structural integrity. They're a low-maintenance solution, eliminating the need for painting and adding a durable foundation our Home Addition.

Energy-Efficient Simonton Vinyl Stationary Window
Durable Simonton Vinyl Sliding Glass Window
Energy-Efficient Simonton Vinyl Double Hung Window

Construction on the exterior stairs that will connect to the second story of an ADU. This stage of the project showcases the framing of the stairs, along with the wooden steps, which are securely fastened to the stringers

Exterior Staircase Framing
Wooden Outside Steps Installation leading to 2nd Story of an ADY
6a_adu second-story-exterior-access

ADU showing Interior Plumbing Lines Construction

ADU showing Interior Plumbing Lines Construction
Utilities running through the roof trusses of a new ADU
open wall construction of new bathrooms showing waterlines

Romex wires running through roof trusses connecting electrical fixtures

Romex wires running through roof trusses connecting  electrical fixtures

The Tyvek home wrap provides an essential protective layer, safeguarding the structure against moisture and enhancing energy efficiency.

5a_%20protective wrap-exterior
exterior tyvek wrap of the adu

new nail-on vinyl windows

new nail-on vinyl windows installed on the 2nd story home addition
new nail-on vinyl windows installed on the adu home addition
new sliding windows in the adu home addition

sheatHing applied to 2nd story adu

sheathing on the 2nd story attached home addition
building new garage under 2nd story home addition

new vinyl nail-on windows

new vinyl windows in the 2nd story attached home addition

2nd story framing

attached adu construction
sheating being applied to the rough framing

removing the old roof

rough roof construction for attached ADU

working on roof trusses

attached ADU working on roof trusses
rough framing the attached ADU
rough rood construction of an attached ADU
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