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B & C 39 License #952120



Starting Accessory Dwelling Unit_1
ADU Ground layout_2
Accessory Dwelling Unit beginnings_3.JPG
laying out ADU project_4
transit setup begining ADU project_5
ADU grading for the house pad
8_ADU Soil compaction
tamping soil for compaction

compating the ground

Excavating for an  ADU
Grading work on an ADU house pad
moving dirt for the ADU foundation

forming the ground pad

using a backhole to form an ADU pad
Backhole work on an ADU
ADU ground prep
compating the foundation pad
setting up the ADU layout

ground work for the foundation walls


form framing the ADU foundation

concrete foundation wall for ADU building
ADU compated ground and foundation frame
ADU compacted sub-grade ground pad

laying down the excavation line

ADU setting control lines for the foundation walls
ADU  laying down the excavation line
ADU sighting rails, strings, and pegs

ADU joints and corners formwork

ADU outline profile boards
placeholder image
ADU the joints and corners of the formwork

ADU main sewer lines through the yard

ADU underground trenches for utilities
ADU running a main sewer line through the yard
ADU laying the water and waste lines

ADU plumbing lines and drain system laid in excavated trenches

ADU plumbing lines ready for backfilled with soil and compacted
ADU layout for water and sewer
ADU new plumbing lines and drain system laid in excavted trench
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